The Golem and the Messiah

The Golem and the Messiah - a serial novel by Jeff Einstein

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About The Golem and the Messiah
The Golem and the Messiah is a modern love story set in NYC, circa 2030. This passage from Chapter 3 sets the stage…

“The Great Culture War ended in the spring of 2030, when a coterie of commercial technomedia elite in New York City, Los Angeles, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Washington DC purchased bloodless coups in their respective markets and declared their independence as vassal-state members of the new Utopian Federation. The handful of municipal leaders who couldn’t be bought outright or otherwise refused to cooperate were summarily destroyed in the media and forced to resign. Within a week, Diversity Councils were established in each new jurisdiction with the supreme power to author, impose and enforce uniform cultural narratives and lifestyle mandates through regional offices of what would soon become the most feared and efficient security apparatus of the new Federation: the Hate Crime Authority.”

The novel opens two decades later in the year 2050 with Federation founders and arche architects Maria Perez and Jake Kassman on the run from their own Frankenstein creation and soon to confront their destinies in the diminutive form of a young girl outlaw, a Brooklyn-born faith healer and heir apparent to a vast underground resistance.

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