The Age of Fascism

“Contrary to the feel-good platitudes of digital pop culture, the primary functions of digital technology are neither personal empowerment nor the democratization of media. The primary function of digital technology is the rapid consolidation of power and wealth among institutions -- private and government alike -- already far too powerful and far too wealthy.” - Jeff Einstein

There’s a reason why secular Fascism emerged in the early 20th century with the arrival of radio…

The Age of Fascism
Video Transcript:

The printing press…

  • PROMOTED linear thought and reason,
  • DESTROYED Western theocracies, and
  • GAVE RISE to nation states, the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason and the American, French and Industrial Revolutions.

Electronic media…

  • PROMOTE raw emotion, tribalism and corporatism over reason, unity and democracy.
  • CAME OF AGE with radio in the early 20th century as the galvanizing force behind…


It ain’t your daddy’s Fascism and it’s just getting started. — Jeff Einstein

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