About Jeff Einstein

Alert! Please check out my new video, Brave New Digital World: The Revelationall about what happens to our time and freedom in a dystopian society ruled and controlled by a state-sanctioned meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital...
“True freedom is the freedom not to participate. True freedom is the freedom to walk away.” - Jeff Einstein

JE headshotThat’s me, A.K.A. the Digital Apostate.

Lots of water has passed under this particular bridge (I’m not as young as I look). Long ago I was the original Mr. Digital in NYC, a media pioneer with digital roots dating all the way back to 1984. That’s when I authored Einstein’s Computer Guides, the first major how-to book series on personal computers (published by HBJ), and co-founded Einstein and Sandom, Inc. (EASI), the nation’s first digital advertising and marketing agency, and the first company in what later became NYC’s billion-dollar Silicon Alley digital media and high-tech community. EASI was purchased a decade later by DMB&B, so I was already a digital old timer (“…the Mick Jagger of digital media”, according to The New York Times) when the Internet heated up in the mid-1990s and the whole world changed forever.

I’ve often described my career (for lack of a better word) as a litany of accidental firsts. Other firsts followed the book series and EASI, not least of which were Room Service Hawaii, the nation’s first vacation destination cable shopping network, and Smart Syndication, the Internet’s first commercial content syndication network. More notably, however, I was also the very first — dating all the way back to the turn of the 21st century — to identify, explore and warn against the emergence of what I called a meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital as the new social default, the rule rather than the exception.

Over the years, my strategic marketing and business development initiatives have driven the acquisition of two agencies, the global growth of a third, and a high-tech IPO, and have appeared in virtually every major business venue, including front-page stories in The Wall Street Journal, and cover stories for Red Herring Magazine, George, PC Magazine, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

I’ve appeared in national ad campaigns as a paid spokesperson for two major computer brands, as a featured speaker at more than 200 media and marketing industry trade shows, seminars and workshops, and as a digital media expert on dozens of radio and TV programs, including The Today Show with Katie Couric, and CNN’s 360 with Anderson Cooper.

I live now in NYC with my much better 75% and a fierce gato, and spend a fair amount of time trying (unsuccessfully, so far) not to mortify my teenage daughter. All in all, I’ve lived in interesting times, per the old Chinese curse…

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