Quotes & Aphorisms

“All creativity is a function of rhythm. All artists, regardless of medium, create by ear.” - Jeff Einstein

Below are a bunch of quotes and aphorisms from yours truly in no particular order…

  1. Time is our most precious inventory.
  2. Find and cultivate the thing that makes you dream.
  3. The quality of life is a reflection of how and where and with whom we invest our time and faith.
  4. True entitlement always begins at the top.
  5. We are first and foremost spiritual beings with occasional social, emotional and physical manifestations. Likewise, addiction is first and foremost a spiritual problem with occasional social, emotional and physical manifestations.
  6. Today’s UTOPIAN plan is tomorrow’s DYSTOPIA.
  7. Addiction is a flight from spirituality, a flight and respite from personal accountability and responsibility.
  8. Too big to fail isn’t the unintended consequence of a bad plan or a failure to plan. Too big to fail is the plan.
  9. Leisure time evaporated the moment we repackaged and sold digital office productivity tools as consumer gadgets.
  10. In a society of default addiction and excess, the quality of life becomes a function of deliberate subtraction.
  11. The digital mantra to think globally and act locally is a sales pitch, pure and simple. Better to think and act locally. The family dinner table is the best place to start…
  12. We don’t find things like inspiration and innovation as much as they find us. Our job is to clear a path for them.
  13. Begin each prayer with simple thanks.
  14. Commercial media sell only four products: fear and envy and more fear and more envy.
  15. All addictions, regardless of the narcotic, eventually steal our time and money and freedom.
  16. Metrics rarely define what works. Rather, they describe what can be sold.
  17. Our smartphones are smart only by comparison to the ones they enslave.
  18. All addictions, regardless of the narcotic, leave us spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially impoverished.
  19. We spend all of our time in relationships with other people and things. How and where and with whom we invest our time within these relationships is governed by the rituals we build to service them.
  20. Ritual — meaningful or self-serving — is the arbiter of time.
  21. Your current values are a reflection of how and where you currently invest your time and faith.
  22. Remember: the ads aren’t there to support the content. The content is there to support the ads.
  23. Meaningful ritual is the arbiter of quality in our lives.
  24. Never surrender your identity or individual sense of right and wrong to any institution or group. Be a good team player, but remember that you and you alone are accountable for the decisions you make in your life.
  25. Ignorance is a far better place to begin a journey than to end one.
  26. Efficiency may be a waste of time.
  27. Ignorance plus intent equals innovation.
  28. Addiction is what remains when we remove the meaningful rituals that stand between us and chemical destiny.
  29. Cool! My new camera came equipped with a phone!
  30. Spirituality and peace of mind are in the exhale.
  31. All creativity is a function of rhythm. All artists, regardless of medium, create by ear.
  32. Never base your decisions on fear and envy. Doing so will only incur more fear and more envy.
  33. Ignorance and wonderment are the wellsprings of innovation.
  34. All healing begins with gratitude.
  35. Boredom is a reflection on you, not the world around you.
  36. We become our attention.
  37. Seek moderation over excess. Excess will always steal your time and money and freedom.
  38. Be respectful and kind to other people and creatures. How they treat you is up to them.
  39. Encourage and let go of failure in yourself and friends.
  40. Seek wisdom of the ages over knowledge of the moment.
  41. The love you share with your friends is your truest love.
  42. Seek out deliberate ways to simplify your life.
  43. Slow down. Speed kills.
  44. Laugh often at yourself. Humor is the metric of proportion.
  45. Freedom of speech cannot exist without freedom of religion.
  46. True freedom is the freedom not to participate. True freedom is the freedom to walk away.
  47. Contrary to the feel-good platitudes of digital pop culture, the primary functions of digital technology are neither personal empowerment nor the democratization of media. The primary function of digital technology is the rapid consolidation of power and wealth among institutions — private and government alike — already far too powerful and far too wealthy.
  48. Our meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital is the default condition in 21st-century America, the rule rather than the exception.
  49. The scoundrels on Wall Street, the scoundrels in government and the scoundrels in academia are all the same scoundrels at different stages of their careers.
  50. Nothing is profane when everything is already rendered profane.
  51. Look to the future with wonderment and open arms. It’s coming anyway.
  52. I spend all my time on all my time-saving devices.
  53. My smartphone is a blithering idiot.
  54. Love your country, but be skeptical of all technology, all media and all government authority. Skepticism is your first civil obligation in a free society.
  55. As addicts we deny the addictive power of our narcotics while we exaggerate our ability to resist them. So it is with our meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital.
  56. Facebook is a 21st-century opium den for social media addicts.
  57. Social media are the opium dens of the 21st century — except the dreams you dream in opium dens are yours alone while the dreams you dream in social media belong to everyone else.
  58. Darwin had it right but backwards: Instead of evolving from apes, we’re evolving into apes. With any luck we’ll wind up high atop a jungle canopy with a great view and a fruit platter.
  59. Re Google and Siri and GPS: How can we be found if we’re never lost?
  60. The reason why we never see the verb communicate in the same sentence with the noun communications is because no one can actually communicate in today’s world of instant communications.
  61. Artificial intelligence is where we currently deposit all of our hopes for a better future through digital technology — largely because we have no faith in our own intelligence anymore (for obvious reasons).
  62. What we call digital accountability is just another euphemism for no one home but us chickens when the shit hits the fan.
  63. Re digital accountability: Big institutions — private and public alike — don’t invest billions of dollars each year on advertising, PR and political influence just to be held more accountable. Big institutions and the privileged elite are less accountable than ever not in spite of digital technology, but precisely because of digital technology.
  64. Captain Kangaroo, the Children’s Television Workshop and Sesame Street taught generations of kids their 2+2s and ABCs, but what they really did was teach us how to watch TV and set the stage for 24/7 cable news.
  65. Young billionaires like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison in high-tech corridors like San Jose and New York City were to the 1980s and ’90s what Robert Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr and Edward Teller were to the 1930s and ’40s in Chicago and Los Alamos. (And we all know how well that turned out.)
  66. The early days of the digital era were characterized by the rise of the MBA and the demise of common sense. Apparently, the atom bomb, Robert McNamara and Henry Kissinger weren’t enough to persuade us that too much education ain’t always such a great thing.
  67. We go to sleep at night in Procrustean beds of our own design.
  68. Patriotism may be the last refuge of a scoundrel, but statistics are the first.
  69. I’ve had layovers in airports that lasted longer than most of my corporate jobs.
  70. Facebook is where we go to socialize by ourselves.
  71. HDTV and smartphones are history’s most perfect narcotics.
  72. We can’t keep adding zeros in triplets to the national dialogue and debt and somehow expect more accountability at the same time.
  73. 21st-century digital America is characterized by diversity of everything except thought.
  74. Memory in the digital age is entirely forgettable and utterly useless.
  75. Yesterday, your opium dreams belonged to you. Today, they belong to everyone else.
  76. Just as freedom is first and foremost a spiritual yearning, addiction and Fascism are first and foremost crises of spirit.
  77. Meaningful ritual — ritual designed and employed to enhance our spiritual, social, physical and emotional wellbeing — stands between us and wholesale surrender to our chemical destiny as addicts.
  78. The other day I found my daughter in her room alone, texting on her smartphone instead of doing her homework. As punishment I told her to go outside and play with her friends.
  79. Sometimes we forget that The Age of Reason and The Enlightenment ended more than two hundred years ago.
  80. Peace of mind is the reconciliation of what what our minds tell us with what our hearts confirm.
  81. Democracy was the political manifestation of print media. Fascism is the political manifestation of electronic media.
  82. The most enduring lesson to emerge from the liberation movements of the 1960s was crowd control.
  83. Turns out that Marshall McLuhan is remembered as the one who first coined the phrase “global village” only because he ran out of ink at the word “idiot”. That’s right: McLuhan was warning against the rise of a huge idiot, a global village idiot, but had enough ink only for “global village”.
  84. We don’t own our smartphones. They own us.
  85. Nowhere is our illusion of control more evident or powerful than in our smartphones.

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