Lousy with Experts…

“All healing begins with gratitude.” - Jeff Einstein

Tens of thousands of financial, health and lifestyle experts tell us 24/7 how to live healthier, wealthier and wiser lives. But what have we got to show for it?

Lousy With Experts: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Video Transcript:

Thousands of highly educated and well-qualified FINANCIAL EXPERTS tell us how to invest and protect our money.

Thousands of highly educated and well-qualified HEATH and NUTRITION EXPERTS tell us how to eat well and stay healthy.

Thousands of highly educated and well-qualified LIFESTYLE EXPERTS tell us how to manage our time and empower our lives.


Barely ONE GENERATION into the digital era, with LIMITLESS ACCESS to EVERYTHING worth knowing about the SECRETS to financial success, the SCIENCE of health and nutrition and the KEYS to personal empowerment, we suddenly find ourselves…

…with LESS money and MORE debt, STRESSED OUT, FATTER and SICKER, TIME-STARVED, SLEEP-DEPRIVED and far more ANXIOUS, ENVIOUS and FEARFUL than ever before.

What’s WRONG with this picture? — Jeff Einstein

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